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“Very kind seller, the leaves are nice and healthy and pretty big compared to the ones they sell at superior in California, thanks!!!! I dehydrated half and the other half I tinctured it, it’s awesome dark green, amazing 😉 ty!

Mel Fultz

Our Products

Our Products


Custom Loose Leaf Teas

Leaves are picked fresh at the time of your order.

Tousaint's Fiya Herb Seasoning (1).jpg

Custom   Seasonings

 herbs are picked fresh at the time of your order and prepared just for you.


Garden Club

The best thing you can do is grow your own food. Start with our Garden Kits


Gift Packages

Our gift packages come with hand made products made by the Birdy Garden family.

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Whole Fruits

Fruits and Leaves are picked fresh, at the time of your order


Dried Fruits  

Fruits are picked fresh from our garden


Health Is Wealth

The leaves are for the healing of the nation - Revelation 22:2 

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